Cheers to 2019

Cheers to new beginnings and a chance to start fresh! Below you can find my goals for 2019 – while they won’t work exactly for you, you can always use these to inspire you to set some goals and create resolutions for 2019 ๐Ÿ™‚ Please share your own with me in the comments!

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  • spend less than $300 a month
  • donโ€™t eat out monday through thursday
  • only eat out once on the weekend
  • double my savings
  • learn more about investing and invest by the end of the year


  • get all A’s spring semester
  • study 6 hours a week for the GRE (January – May)
  • apply for 6-8 PhD programs


  • keep linkedin updated
  • get a good headshot
  • find a job within 3 months of graduation
  • send thank you notes
  • learn R

Social Accounts

I have more specific numbers written down for myself!

  • grow instagram followers while keeping 10%+ engagement
  • increase pinterest monthly viewers
  • grow newsletter list
  • grow youtube subscribers
  • grow blog monthly viewers
  • stay consistent with posting once a week on both youtube and blog
  • spend 2 hours a week learning a useful skill for my blog or doing something to help gain traffic
  • get better at editing with premiere and lightroom


As important as it is to grow my accounts, it’s also important for me to focus on other things in my life. These are the things I’d like to do to be more productive this year!

  • stay off personal twitter account unless going on desktop
  • keep phone on do not disturb from 8am-6pm monday through thursday
  • shoot more with my camera(s) and less with my phone
  • delete apps that you don’t use
  • unsubscribe from food and clothing apps that hinder health goals


  • be able to run a 5k in 30 minutes
  • gym 4 times a week
  • glass of water every morning
  • no diet coke
  • stretch every day
  • no caffeine after 3pm
  • sleep 7-8 hours every day
  • use headspace to fall asleep every night


  • solo trip for a weekend
  • travel to a new city every month
  • use duolingo to get better at spanish
  • embrace the weekends
  • pack smarter


  • downsize closet in half by end of the year
  • no fast fashion
  • only purchase secondhand or from a sustainable source
  • follow the “one in one out” rule
  • stop saying “maybe / i can try” and start saying yes or no
  • do not overcommit
  • stop letting your body dysmorphia stop you from being in photos


  1. I love how you broke up your goals by category! A lot of your goals are very similar to what I’d like to accomplish this year, too. I would LOVE to spend less than $300 a month on things that aren’t necessities…specifically, margaritas. Hope you have a great NYE, Lora!

  2. Fantastic goals!!! Love how detailed they are and separated they are to insure they are easier to focus on during the year! You got this! One step at a time!

    • thanks scott ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes, one step at a time is the exact mindset i’m going for – “i was better than i was yesterday” is my new motto!

  3. I love the way youโ€™ve divided your goals into categories!! Itโ€™s so nice to have well rounded goals! Iโ€™m so excited for your applications to PhD programs! Have a great year Lora!

  4. I really like the formatting of this post. I love lists!! A lot of your goals really resonated with me and will no doubt help me put smaller subheadings on some of my larger goals. I have my own wellness goal and though I easily drink enough water, starting the day with a glass straight as I wake up is a great way to boost a good habit. What is fast fashion? Is that like throwing on the first clothes you see? Cheers, Will.

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