15 Iconic University of South Florida Graduation Places and Poses

Graduation is a special time here at the University of South Florida – all of the baby Bulls have grown up and it’s time for them to get that diploma and move on with their life *cue Graduation by Vitamin C*. But, many want some photographic proof of their achievements – and that’s why graduation photos exist! As an affordable graduation photographer at USF, I love shooting seniors in their last moments on campus – whether it be by the Bulls or in the MLK fountain. However, there is no definitive guide to the best and most iconic places and poses for graduates to turn to for inspiration for their photo shoots. So, instead of scrolling on Pinterest and Instagram for hours, here is this guide to turn to when you need some help! Read on for all the details you’ll need to have the best graduation photos ever.

1. Cap close-up

If you designed your cap in an interesting way, you’ll definitely want to be sure you get a close up photo of your hard work.

2. Columns / MLK Pathway

The beautiful flowers and columns make this pathway the perfect spot to take some full-body pictures!

MLK Lawn Columns – USF Graduation

3. Go Bulls!

You have to get at least one close up photo of you doing our iconic hand symbol.

4. Green and Gold Glitter*

While this glitter is pretty for photos, please bring a small broom and dust pan or use a trash bag as a tarp to clean up after yourself! Our campus can become covered in glitter around graduation time and it’s not good for our beautiful grounds or the animals that live there.

5. In front of your major building

It’s pretty likely that your major has it’s own separate building on campus – why not get a photo with it in the background?

Psychology Building – USF Graduation

6. In front of the MSC

Since the day we got our first tour of the campus, we’ve known the MSC to be the heart of our campus. It definitely helps that the building itself is beautiful and has our iconic Bulls out front.

7. In front of the USF logo by the MLK stage fountain

Get a photo with the old logo while you still can!

8. In the MLK fountain

Champagne bottle or not, this is another great photo spot. Be careful to not get your dress wet and boys, you probably can’t get in here with your pants unless you want to ruin them.

9. On the Bull

While the MSC is not a fan of this, it is a right of passage to get a photo on the Bull before you graduate. Don’t forget to bring a stool or have someone who can help you up.

10. On the seal

This one is risky – as we all know, if you walk on the seal before you graduate, you won’t graduate (or so they say). I would wait to take this one until your actual graduation if you’re superstitious!

11. Throwing your cap

This is a fun photo and bonus points if you get a cool silhouette at sunset.

12. Poppin’ champagne

As a photographer, I always try to offer the service of picking up a champagne bottle for my clients. These photos are always so fun and cute! If you’re under 21, grab a bottle of sparkling grape juice or even a 2 liter of soda for the same effect!

13. With all of your graduation regalia

It’s okay to brag, get a photo with all of your achievements.

14. Tassel close-up

Was the tassel worth the hassle? Yes – so get a photo of it!

15. Medallion close-up

If you’re graduating with any sort of honors, get a close up of it to post on your LinkedIn so all of your future employers know you’re amazing (I’m half kidding).

Bonus: 16 – With your pet!

After all, you do it all for them to have a nice life.

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